Exploring collaborative ways of translating sensory experiences of place

into worlds of meaning.

Embodied Ecologies

Photo (c) 2013 by Sally W. Donatello (link)


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We believe that developing a systems-oriented understanding of the dynamic interrelationships between ecology, embodied experience,  

will support the identification of strategies that promote the well-being of people, communities and our living planet as a whole.

Embodied Ecologies is dedicated to building large scale knowledge and action partnerships that leverage the latest research findings in social neuroscience, interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive science, chronobiology, complex systems, ecology, anthropology, and biocultural diversity in exploring and understanding the links between place, embodied experience, narrative and culture and the development of human attitudes and behaviors towards natural ecosystems.


Our objective is to accelerate the dissemination of new insights and the development of new interdisciplinary methodologies that provide solutions to real-world biocultural challenges. We do this by connecting individuals across disparate fields who share common goals but who might not yet be aware of each other's research and/or practice. We also convene groups of thought leaders for interdisciplinary dialogue and synthesize these learnings into resources that we share with multiple audiences for use in decision-making and advocacy.


Our vision is to support the development of an integrative, research-based framework that also offers a meaningful participatory narrative for understanding humanity's interrelationship with nested, multi-scale living systems vitality.


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